No Fear CHEER is HERE!



CHEER Beginnings

Founded on donations in 2003, CHEER was incorporated as a non-profit organization. In the first several months, the organization began building infrastructure. An experienced and talented entrepreneurial team dedicated to community improvement was put together. The team has negotiated conservation easements essential to pilot-project start-up and has identified and contacted program supporters. CHEER is now being supported by various funding opportunities for designated current and future projects. 

Our Mission & Philosophy

Coastal Habitat Education Environmental Restoration, also known as CHEER, is a registered 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization with a fresh take on environmental programming. Its mission is to restore coastal ecosystems but do so in a way that safeguards resource-based local economies. CHEER recognizes that varied interests are represented in local economies. It believes that assessing and reconciling these interests so that each group profits by cooperation in restoration efforts is the key to more effective environmental programming.




From a young age Herman has always been drawn to the outdoors! He spent most of his younger years creating a lifelong lasting mental map of rural Gilroy. His favorite activities growing up included: hunting, fishing, camping or pretty much any outdoor activity! After returning to Gilroy from a lengthy Poker Career, Herman found extensive damage had been done to the Pajaro River Watershed and decided to take a stand! His idea started with the simple motto of "leave it how we found it"! Having enjoyed the bountiful natural resources of Gilroy, Herman was disgusted by what he found upon his return. Fish populations had disappeared, toxic dumping was on the rise, and illegal garbage dumping was a regular occurrence. In 2003, Herman decided to create CHEER into a 501(c)3 NPO and in 2006 CHEER partnered with NOAA to reclaim and restore the Pajaro River Watershed habitat. NOAA biologist, John Ambrose, drew a line in the sand at Silva's Crossing on Uvas Creek in Gilroy. He claimed that location would be the epicenter in fighting the battle to reclaim and restore our fisheries! After 11 years CHEER now has the watershed in recovery and is continuing the hard fought battle to protect our natural resources!