150 Mile March To Save Our Steelhead Trout!

(Garlic Capital to State Capital)

The purpose of this march is to bring attention and change to the California Dept. of Fish and Wildlife regulations and policies regarding Steelhead Trout rescue and restoration permits for NonGovernmental Organizations (NGO’s). 
Steelhead Trout are dying during this dry back season in our waterways! The CDFW suspended the rescue permits across the state for non-governmental organizations (NGO's). Non-Profits such as CHEER were denied permits to rescue & restore Steelhead Trout! 
CHEER historically has received permits for the rescue of federally protected Steelhead Trout listed as threatened on the Endangered Species Act. CHEER in partnership with the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the National Marine Fisheries service single-handedly saved our fisheries and water quality, we were on a road to recovery! State regulations have now had negative impacts on our water and fish. 
CHEER is an all-volunteer nonprofit and we are committed to preserving and protecting our natural resources. To reclaim and restore our watersheds sweat equity is required for success, CHEER has provided more than 99% of that equity. Now the state is denying our efforts with burdensome regulations. 
Therefore, the time has come for CHEER to stand down on Steelhead rescues and stand up against CDFW Leadership gone mad! Under their watch we lost our habitat, water and fisheries. Under our stewardship we recovered it. 
Please join the fight alongside CHEER and its volunteers in this extremely important battle to affect positive change in protecting and preserving our natural resources! Donations, Sponsorships, or joining the march! For more direct information regarding this event please contact the CHEER CEO/Founder Herman Garcia via Herman@cheercentral.Org or (408) 497-3037. 

Meet the man behind the march, Herman Garcia


71 years old. Disabled from a life time of crime fighting. Shot twice. Stabbed 24 times. 17 Concussions.

Click Here to learn more about the “Life and Times of Herman Garcia, The California Kid”!



The donations received will go towards all expenses pertaining to the protest march. All but not limited to travel expenses, signs, water, permits, rally material, etc.!



Please be sure to sign our online petition to help encourage change now! In person signings will also be held before the march. Stay tuned for signing locations!

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Click below to find dates, times and locations of rallies being held along the route! Come out and join the fight to protect our natural resources!