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A California State Species of "Special Concern"

This disaster could have been avoided and responsibility lies squarely on CDFW. The Lamprey & Steelhead Trout are dying this dry back season in our waterways! The CDFW suspended the rescue permits across the state of non-governmental organization (NGO's). Non-Profits such as CHEER and The Carmel River Steelhead Association were denied  permits to rescue & restore Steelhead Trout!

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CHEER partners and volunteers gathered for a community stewardship cleanup event at Christmas Hill park in Gilroy!....

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CHEER recognizes that the Pajaro River Watershed is home to the most important fish species in our region! The South-Central Coast Steelhead Trout is an anadromous species. This means this species is born in fresh water and migrates to the ocean upon reaching their juvenile stage. Due to diminishing populations in the early 1990's, The South-Central Coast Steelhead has been listed under the Federal Endangered Species Act as a "Threatened Species." 

   Recent chemical spill in Uvas Creek! July 2017!

Recent chemical spill in Uvas Creek! July 2017!

As said in our mission statement, CHEER recognizes that varied interests are represented in local economies. It believes that assessing and reconciling these interests so that each group profits by cooperation in restoration efforts is the key to more effective environmental programming!

The South-Central Coast Steelhead acts as a key indicator species by requiring good to very good water quality. Through CHEER's Habitat Reclamation and Restoration efforts to create a sustainable ecosystem for Steelhead populations. Unfortunately, CHEER volunteers are discovering different negative impacts to our waterways! These include: garbage dumping, abandoned autos, boats, chemical dumping, tires etc! These issues create a sterile environment in our waterways, void of life! As CHEER takes on these daily battles to protect our water quality, we consistently find new problem areas which indicate that we are still in recovery and have yet to reach a point of environmental sustainability!

Our goal is to create "living streams and ecosystems" which are required by Steelhead to thrive! Make sure to visit each tab to find out how you can assist in safeguarding our resource-based local economies!


This watershed has created recreational activities, a great place to live and learn for generations. It is vitally important to protect and preserve the natural resources located in this watershed community! CHEER founding Board Members grew up in this watershed, as youth we fished, hunted and camped on local streams. CHEER has made a commitment to leave the watershed like we found it! We want to ensure future generations can enjoy what we once had! 

Help ensure future generations can enjoy what once was!

C.H.E.E.R is a registered 501(c)3 Non-Profit organization focused on the reclamation of our environments natural resources. We want to move toward a better future so coming generations can enjoy the outdoors as some of us once had. By donating know that 100 % off all donations go toward programs and projects aimed at the preservation of our natural resources! Any help counts! Thank you!