Ways we fund raise!

As a Non-Profit CHEER is always on the lookout for all the assistance we can get! From our Annual Dinner, Grants, and out of pocket community donations CHEER is extremely grateful! Currently we are accepting donations for the purpose of continuing our programs, and projects as well as the new CHEER Legal Defense Fund! If you are interested in helping CHEER obtain legal council in its environmental litigation battles, please click the "Donate" button below!



By clicking the "Donate" link below you will be taken to a page to contribute to the continuation and creation of CHEER Programs and Projects! From our Garbage Museum, Off-Channel Water Storage, Rail-Car Bridges to our Garbage Clean-ups etc. CHEER appreciates any help that goes towards the continuation of these programs!  If you are currently looking to schedule a CHEER visit at an event or school near you please make sure to e-mail us at Herman@CheerCentral.Org!




Legal Defense fund

Currently PG&E is proposing to build a new substation in the Redwood Retreat Road area of Gilroy. The confluence of Little Arthur and Uvas Creeks is located here. Little Arthur is critical habitat for protected resources. Uvas Creek is the main sub-basin for Steelhead Trout in the Pajaro River watershed. The substation will have a negative impact on natural resources the scenic roadways, cultural lands of the Ahmah Mutsan Tribal band, fly way for the American Bald Eagle and the property values of land owners in the area. Let's not forget that Uvas Dam and Uvas Creek is the main water source for the South County!