The Coastal Habitat of Education and Environmental Restoration Learning Center is dedicated to providing enrichment opportunities in science and environmental education to children, their families and the community, to increase their interest in science and to instill an understanding and respect for the environment in which they live. The program provides hands-on experience and multiple resource materials for an in-depth learning of science.

The Learning Center is also a resource center for children, parents and educators seeking to improve the understanding of science and the environment that surrounds them.


The Green Education Foundation

CHEER in partnership with the Green Education Foundation (GEF) promotes the value in recycling, reusing and up-cycling. You can also visit the GEF recycling exhibit at the CHEER (Coastal Watersheds Garbage Museum).

Green Education Foundation is a 501(c) 3 Non-Profit Public Charity  committed to creating  green educational programs and workshops that will help shape the minds of our future environmental and political leaders thus creating a sustainable future for all our future generations.
Recycling Drives are a fundamental part of fundraising for any environmental charity because it serves two purposes. To raise money in order to fund green programs and also supports the environment by reducing landfill waste, educating citizens about the importance of recycling, reducing the need for raw materials to make new products, and so many other wonderful side benefits.
Recycling drives that also engage the students themselves work the best in conjunction with educational programming, hands on work shops or field trips. This synergistic approach to green education makes a real impact on students who are confused with the contradictory messages.

Part of what occurs when students actively participate in these types of fundraisers, is that they take ownership of the environmental problem and start the path towards awareness and understanding which eventually leads to a desire to find solutions. 

If you would like to learn more regarding GEF please visit the following link attached to the video below.